Show me the $$-Promo Codes

We want to help you save money, so we have introduced promo codes! These codes will give you the chance to save money when booking rides through our mobile app. The codes will change monthly and may be centered around special events. They do expire so make sure to use them while you can.

Here is a quick tutorial on how they work:

Step One:

Find out which promo codes are currently active. They will be announced in our monthly email newsletter. You can also always find them on our website under the Rates & Specials page.

Step Two:

Book your ride through our free mobile app. Set your pickup and drop off locations as you would with any ride. Then on the confirmation screen you can alter things like time for pickup and payment method as well as any extra info the driver may need. This is also where you will claim your promo code.

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Step Three:

Claim your promo code. On the confirmation screen scroll down &  tap PAYMENT METHOD. Here you can choose if you want to pay with CASH or CREDIT CARD. Below that you will see SECONDARY PAYMENT METHOD.  Select this and if you have unused promo codes they will be listed here and you can tap the check mark for which one you wish to use. If you need to claim a new promo code then tap PROMO CODE and type in the code. Tap OK to return to the confirmation screen and you will see the promo code listed in the PAYMENT METHOD section. Then just tap CONFIRM to complete the booking.


















Once you have attached the code to a booking then the rest is up to us! The price estimate on your ride will not change and will still display the full price. The discount will be applied at checkout. Make sure to let your driver know that you are using a code. And just like that you have saved some green!

Be sure to check our website for expirations, terms and conditions.

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