New Rewards Program — Flok!

We are always looking for ways to say thanks to our loyal riders and now we can! Introducing Flok! Flok is a free app that works as a digital punch card. Here is how it works:

Getting Started

  1. Download the free Flok app from Google or Apple.
  2. Open a free account either with your Facebook login or using your email address.
  3. Join our club. Scroll through the list of local businesses that are also using Flok and tap on Charleston Green Taxi. Then tap “Join the Club”. This will help you find us without having to scroll through all the other companies each time.








Earning Punches

  1. Every time you take a ride, open the Flok app and select Charleston Green Taxi.
  2. Swipe the Green box to the right to open the QR scanner.
  3. Scan the QR code that is located on the window in the vehicle.
  4. Let your driver know you just scanned the code.
  5. Thats it! Simple right?









Passengers earn 1 punch for every $5 they spend. For example a $20 ride = 4 punches. Once a rider has filled their 20 punch card, they earn a $10 credit! Riders will get 1 punch for each scan of the code, just let your driver know and they will add the additional punches for you.

Getting Your Free Ride

  1. Any rewards a rider has earned will appear in the Flok app either under My Rewards or on the Charleston Green Taxi screen.
  2. Select the reward you wish to use and follow the prompts on the screen.
  3. Show the driver the confirmation screen with the clock, and the driver will deduct the reward from the balance of the ride.
  4. That’s it!





Give Flok a shot. We think you will find this a simple and easy way to earn credit for the rides you take. Plus Flok is used by several other businesses around Charleston, so you don’t have to keep a bunch of punch cards in your wallet. Ask your driver for more information the next time you ride with us.

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